Parent Testimonials

Parent Comments 2016

"Our son's maturation regarding his attitude, confidence, and personality is obvious to us and his family. These are not just kind words, but reality. What he has gained from his UPHCSA experience is striking and invaluable."


Parent Comments 2013

“Thanks for everything you have done for the kids, including my son.  The University of Pittsburgh is on top of his targeted colleges; he is enjoying the UPHCSA program very much.”

“Our daughter is enjoying the program and we’ve heard nothing but positive things!  Thank you for organizing this for them.  It has been a very educational and exciting experience for her.”

“My daughter seems to be having a wonderful time and learning a great deal while doing so.  “

“Our son is impressed by Pitt medical school and very interested in working on the research paper and the session with a trauma surgeon... He also told us he is meeting many friends and it's more fun than he expected.”

“My daughter is happy and really enjoying this experience. She is even more determined to stay in the medical field with her goal of becoming a Pediatrician.  Coming from a rural area near the Pocono's, she told me this is the first time she was not the minority but the Majority! Having adopted her from China her school is mostly white. Finally she sees and interacts with other Asians and other cultures.  You have opened the flood gates of education and diversity for her. I am so grateful!”

“My daughter RAVED about the cadaver last night when we spoke to her.  She is thoroughly enjoying herself.  When we talked, her roomies were going out and she stayed in her room to work on her paper.  You weren’t kidding when you said you promised to keep them busy for the month!”

“Our son seems to be having a very good experience this week and a good exposure to the healthcare field.”

Parent Comments 2012

“After our son came back from the camp, he told us how much he learned from the program and he really decided to study health science and one day go to medical school.”

“She is really happy; she has learned a lot and has also made a lot of friends.”

“I know my son is getting a great deal out of the program and is really enjoying it.”

“Thank you very much for offering such a wonderful program! Our daughter has enjoyed it so much and had a great experience!”

“Thank you so much for keeping us informed at every stage of the program. Myself and my wife would like to whole heartedly thank you for running this wonderful program.”

Parent Comments 2011

“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful program you ran for the students this year.   My daughter is telling us bits and pieces as she relaxes at home and the amount of things she saw and the breadth of the opportunities within health care have made a tremendous difference in her outlook for her future career interests.   The hands-on activities, the intense work, and the exposure to procedures were all beyond our expectation.   Thank you.”

“I would like to Thank You and the University of Pittsburgh facilities for the enriching summer program our daughter has had this year. Along with the course work she learned many more skills like team work, staying independently and managing herself with weekly routines like laundry, cleaning and spending money wisely. We are very happy she was selected to this program and had a memorable summer.”

“We are so thrilled with how organized everything is, which means a lot to two folks who aren't fly by the seat of your pants parents!!!!  We were so impressed with how smoothly things went on Sunday and it was a definite confirmation that it would be o.k. to drop our daughter off with strangers at a place that's almost six hours away from home.”

Parent Comments 2010

“Thanks so much for all you have done helping my son develop personally and academically.”

“Our son thoroughly enjoyed the program. He states that the program was very informative; gave him good ideas about certain areas, apart from meeting interesting personalities, speakers and good friends. Thanks once again.”

“I was excited to witness ninety-nine outstanding young men and women, proud with a sense of triumph and strong fellowship, graduating from your 2010 Health Career Scholars Academy program last Friday evening. What an opportunity of a lifetime you offered to these young people who came from diversified backgrounds to be together for four-weeks at your prestigious site, exploring the field of medicine, learning about themselves, cultivating the special bonds among each other, and preparing for the college life that lies ahead.  I am sure the experiences he gained from these four weeks will forever influence him positively.  I just wanted to drop a short note to show my sincere appreciation for all you have done to keep this terrific program alive.”

Parent Comments 2009

“His experience at the Health Career Scholars Academy was invaluable, particularly in regard to preparing for college life.”